Fine Osteotomy

Authors are unanimous.
The success of an osteotomy depends on:

  • Images of great quality
  • Precise preoperative analysis
  • Precise planning
  • The precision of a repetitive surgical technique
  • Protection of osseous cells
  • A well-positioned plate

Fine Osteotomy™ was developed based on this unanimity and based on published literature specific to the principles of orthopaedic correction1.

Fine Osteotomy™ is a global approach in which each step is part of the intervention's success and none of them can be neglected or carried out randomly or in a compromised manner.

Fine Osteotomy™ is synonymous with our highly accurate Bodycad copyrighted software. We use the latest technology, including a 3D printed patient-specific surgical guide adapted to the patient as determined by the treating physician. It also includes a plate that is perfectly adapted to the patient's situation and osteotomy, that matches the angular correction chosen by the treating surgeon.

Fine Osteotomy™ incorporates a unique safety technology to control the depth of the cut, protecting the posterior vascular structures with unique, calibrated drilling system.

Fine Osteotomy

With Fine Osteotomy™, nothing is standardized. Every patient is Unique

Fine Osteotomy

Bodycad Personalized Restoration Software is based on published literature specific to the principles of orthopaedic correction. Our proprietary software is the heart of our process, enabling orthopaedic surgeons to achieve a personalized restoration based on the precise anatomical specifications of their patient.

In collaboration with Bodycad team, the software puts you in complete control of your surgical plan.

Fine Osteotomy

The Bodycad software allows you to:

  • Simulate a multitude of osteotomy scenarios before the operation
  • Have access to a multitude of correction angles as well as preoperative and postoperative measures for each osteotomy simulation
  • Plan an osteotomy taking into consideration anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, in terms of cut and the design of the plate
  • Plan the orientation of the cut to increase or decrease the patient's tibial slope if desired
  • Control the depth of the cut to protect the hinge axis and posterior vascular structures
  • Control the opening in order to respect the patient's native tibial slope
  • Achieve planned angular correction with no compromise thanks to the personalized design of the plate which mimics the desired opening / closing
  • Design a plate adapted to the needs of the patient while incorporating your surgical preferences
  • Plan the position and length of the screws preoperatively to ensure an accurate and controlled reconstruction

Personalized Plate

With Fine Osteotomy™ the patient will have a completely personalized plate that adapts to the patient's anatomy instead of a standardized product that needs to be bent and formed to the patient.

The plate is designed with our software and then manufactured in our factory.

A personalized plate will ensure that planned correction is not compromised:

  • Plate contours to patient's bone anatomy
  • Shape of the plate is customizable
  • Wedge as planned for optimal correction -> Size | Angulation | Position
  • Wedge sits only on the cortical bone
Personalized Plate
Imaging Guide

Imaging Guide

It is important to closely follow this protocol, as this will produce a more accurate 3D model and enhance the precision of the personalized restoration. A high-quality image will provide the best results in terms of a high level of accuracy.

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Bodycad is transforming the current standard of orthopaedic care. Its personalized restorations offer patients a high level of conformity to their unique anatomy, providing comfort, fit and durability that make the Pursuit of Orthopaedic Perfection™ possible.

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